Nigeria Wedding Photographer || Bright & Elsie White Wedding

Given my hiatus in 2011, I have a backlog of images shot in late 2010 that I’ve been wanting to share. I was a little hesitant given the amount of time that has passed and especially given that this particular wedding was a celebrity wedding with widespread coverage. However, my philosophy is that beautiful images can stand the test of time, which is what I aim for when creating wedding albums, and I hope you will agree too. 

So, here we go…I always jump at the chance to shoot with rockstar photographer, Jide Alakija, for a number of obvious reasons but mainly because he is a generous mentor who is always more than willing to help up and coming photographers such as myself improve their craft. So when Jide asked if I wanted to shoot Bright & Elsie’s wedding with himself and Tunde Owolabi, it was a no-brainer. Although, it wasn’t until I saw Bright that I realised he was the one and only Basketmouth.
For my non-Nigerian audience, I should mention that Bright aka Basketmouth is the top comedian in Nigeria – he has been in the biz (as “they” say) for a long time now and is pretty freaking hilarious. You can find Jide’s original blog post of the wedding here
It was a beautiful wedding and I confess now, my camera was drawn to Elsie as she was an absolute dream to shoot – it’s like she couldn’t take a bad picture. Here are a few (ok, a lot) of my favourite images from the day. Would really love to hear what you guys think – so please feel free to comment below. 
Have a fab week.


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