Nigeria Lifestyle Photographer || Mofetoluwa is 1

Thank Jesus it’s the weekend – it has been a long week especially as I’ve been a little under the weather. Thought I would blog a few piccies before I call it a night.

There were lots of babies born into the family last year – 6 at last count and lil Mofe led the pack. It’s amazing how quickly the year goes by…I remember him being a tiny little person in the hospital who could barely open his eyes and now he’s a practically a grown man – hee hee.

Here are a few piccies from Mofe’s big day. There was family, music, food, good weather and of course, cake – a good time was had by all. Mofe is such a photogenic little boy with those huge eyes of his – just couldn’t get enough of the little man. Hope you like the piccies.

Have a fab weekend.

All the best

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