A New Month – Two New Challenges (Eek!)

Ok – so a new month has begun and with it, I have decided to set myself a new challenge. I will blog at least 2x a week for the next 4 months i.e. until the end of the year. Now to date, my blogging has been sporadic at best but I am determined to change my ways – so I am putting it out there so I can be held accountable if I don’t live up to this promise – eek!!! I have a couple of ideas of what I would like to blog in addition to the usual weddings and portraits but if there’s anything in particular, you would like to see me blog / talk about, then let me know. I’m also thinking of starting a “Wonderful Wednesdays with Wani” (see what I did there? ;-)). Basically, it’ll be for photogs as I try to answer the different questions I get on gear, marketing and business. Just want to try and share the love as much as possible.

Oh and since we are talking about challenges – I am also starting a personal challenge (idea totally and utterly stolen from my pal Ms J) – “Best Shape Ever by 30”. Yes  indeedy, I will be turning the big 3-0 in January (simultaeonous “thank God for life and health” and “oh Lord, when did I get so old!?!”) and so I am going to get back on the diet and exercise bandwagon and work my butt off so I can be in the best shape of my life when the fateful day (hopefully) arrives. Now I am legendary (ok just amongst my family) for working my butt off, losing weight and then stopping and it all comes back again. So this will definitely be my biggest challenge yet so I am trying to figure out what my motivation for staying on track will be. I am hoping by making this public, it will make me more accountable but we’ll see. If you have any tips for staying on track, then I would be supremely grateful.

And you know I can’t leave you without some piccies, so here’s what will be going up on my wall for inspiration (wedding pics by the fabulous Binky Nixon of Binky Nixon Photography – still luv ’em):

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